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Welcome to Dutch Discoveries!

Did you ever wonder why the Dutch wear orange at football games, or why they are so good at building dykes?
Do you think Dutch cuisine doesn’t exist?

Look no further. As true Dutchies, we can offer you inside knowledge on the Dutch and their (sometimes rather strange) ways. We have developed entertaining talks on the history, society and culture of the country you are now calling home.


Dutch Discoveries Talks

Are you an international living in the Netherlands and would you like to know more about our history, society and culture? Then sign up for one of our talks. They are informative, fun and a great way to meet other people.


Dutch Discoveries – Talks for companies

Are you a company with international employees and would you like to offer them useful knowledge about the ways of the Dutch? Or would you like to organise an event with a Dutch twist? We can offer you tailored concepts.


Dutch Discoveries Talks

NEW TALK! THE ART OF THE DUTCH GOLDEN AGE – please sign up or send an e-mail if you are interested to get to know all about the famous Dutch 17th century and its art.

The talks

Dutch Discoveries offers the opportunity to well understand the ways of the Dutch in a fun and easy to digest way. We have developed three talks: History, Society and Culture.
If you have been here longer and are ready for more in-depth knowledge on Dutch culture, you can attend the talk The Art of the Dutch Golden Age.

You can choose to follow all talks, but they also work perfectly on their own. We guarantee Dutch insights that make you smile, feel surprised, maybe even shocked, but will definitely give you essential knowledge of the country you call your new home.


Did you know the earliest inhabitants built their houses on man-made hills to protect their lands from flooding? And that the Dutch have their own variety of the pyramids? Have you ever heard of our founding father William of Orange?
In our History talk we will answer all these questions and tell you much more. You will leave filled with new knowledge about the country you live in. You might even be able to call a Dutchie out on his Dutch history skills!


Do you know anything about the Dutch royal family? Have you heard about our prime minister and how the Dutch political system works? Who are the main Dutch people that run the country? What is the influence of religion?
The Society talk will answer questions like these. At the end of this session, you will know about the way Dutch society is shaped, its key figures and also learn about Dutch customs, habits and important industries.


Do the Dutch have any other hobbies than football? Have you ever heard of our most famous singer Andre Hazes? Did you know the Dutch already had boerenkool on the menu long before kale became a popular superfood?
The Culture talk aims to answer all of your questions about the sometimes funny or weird way the Dutch like to spend their times. You will also get to experience some typical Dutch music and food.

The Art of the Dutch Golden Age

What is so special about the famous Dutch 17th century that makes it Golden? And why have the Dutch produced their remarkable art in that period? You will hear all about it in this talk, while you enjoy the works of some of the most famous artists in western art history.

The talks are informative and fun, and also a great way to meet other internationals. Our groups are small, varying in size with a maximum of 10 people, to create an atmosphere that is intimate as well as interactive. During the session you will be offered some of the typical Dutch drinks & bites.

Course dates fall 2016

Monday evenings: 19.30 – 21.30
Wednesday evenings: 19.30 – 21.30

Dutch History: December 6
Dutch Society: November 16,
December 12
Dutch Culture: November 21, 23,
December 19, 20
The Art of the Dutch Golden Age: November 30

€ 45 per talk
€ 85 for two talks
€ 120 for three talks

(incl. VAT, drinks and snacks)

Interested, but do the dates don’t suit your schedule? Or do you want a private session for you and your family/friends? Please send an e-mail to jolene@dutch-discoveries.nl.

Dutch Discoveries Talks for companies


Dutch Discoveries Talks for companies

Dutch Discoveries Talks for companies

Are you a company based in the Netherlands with international employees and would you like to offer them useful inside information about the Dutch and their ways? Let a Dutchie be their personal guide by booking one of the Dutch Discoveries Talks for companies.

We can offer you informative and entertaining talks, adjusted to your employees and industry. Your employees will finally understand why the Dutch wear orange, that they do have their own cuisine and that it is perfectly fine to talk about anything (except maybe for your salary) here.

Please send us an e-mail and we will get in touch with you to discuss the many possibilities.







Dutch Discoveries Talks

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Who we are

Dutch Discoveries is founded by two self acclaimed Dutchies Jolene den Boer and Heleen Krakers.

Jolene and Heleen met many years ago in the advertising industry where they both worked as producers. They became trusted colleagues and good friends because of their shared passion for the Netherlands’ history and culture.

Jolene (Bachelor of Arts) works as a writer and lecturer on art and culture. She has a broad knowledge of Dutch history, society and culture and is excited to share this with you. Writing the lectures herself, she is always on the lookout to add present day events to the Dutch Discoveries Talks. By adding context and perspective to events and customs today, you will understand the (sometimes strange) ways of the Dutch.

She also writes about art on her own art blog Spoonful of Art.

Heleen started her career in advertising, but has never been afraid to explore different careers as well. She traveled the world whilst working for Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) and also discovered the many fine restaurants the Netherlands has to offer through her work at specialbite.com. Her passion about food makes her a perfect host.

Who we are

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